“We weren’t getting anywhere (with the insurer) and didn’t have the time to pursue (recovery).  We were pleased with the services provided by Risk Worldwide.  The communication was good and very professional.”


"Prior to hiring (Risk Worldwide) our experience with the insurance company in connection with our claim was very disappointing.  We were getting nowhere really.  At first it seemed a little slow, but then suddenly it was settled.  Joe was great to deal with.  The whole team was very professional.  We are very pleased with the end result.  We would definitely recommend Risk Worldwide."


"Risk Worldwide took control of our insurance claim and was instrumental in working with the insurance company so we received an interim payment.  Before Risk Worldwide was involved, the insurance company was insisting we sign a release before payment of funds.  Once the insurance company knew Risk Worldwide was involved, it backed off its request that we sign away the rights to our claim and instead, made a payment and began moving on our claim to resolution."



"After one and a half years the insured had not received any payment. In March of 2012 RWW was engaged to assist the insured. By mid-June, due to RWW’s efforts, the insured had received an indemnity payment of $814,125.00 + GST. RWW continues to pursue the remaining amounts due to the insured."



"The insured had signed a release for his home with his insurer and had received a sum of money. Immediately after RWW’s involvement, we had the insurer reopen the claim, agree that the release was not a bar to further recovery, and the insurer ended up agreeing to pay roughly $1 million more towards the purchase of a new home (over the amount of the release)."



"The insurer had not made any payments to this client prior to RWW’s involvement. Once RWW became involved, a progress payment of $200,000 was secured for the insured. RWW continues to pursue the remaining damages."



"This building is to be demolished. The insured had nowhere to go and had only been reimbursed for money spent to date. RWW became involved and within 6 months a progress payment of $1,265,000 was made with more to come as RWW pursues multiple claims."



"The insured entered into an agreement with RWW with an initial offer of $284,000 from the Insurer. The insurer stood firm and turned their case over to a solicitor. RWW met with a solicitor and the insurance assessor and concluded the claim for $615,657.00."



"RWW attained the full sum insured of $780,838.50 based on one event. RWW are still seeking further settlement for multiple claims."



"The insured had received no offer from insurers. RWW became involved and client was offered their full sum insured of $690,000. The client rejected this because they would have lost the opportunity to go for multiple claims. RWW is currently chasing 3-4 times this, based on multiple events."



"Client had been asked to sign a full release before receiving contingent business interruption payments from insurer.  Within a few months of RWW’s involvement, the insurer released in excess of $100,000 to the client without the need for the execution of the release.  RWW continues to pursue the full claim."



"Client came in having received $150,000 from the insurer for its business interruption. Within a month of signing with RWW a further $68,000 was received from the insurer for the same claim.  RWW continues to pursue the full business interruption claim."



"Insured had not been paid anything for his red zoned home in the hills.  The insurer initially estimated the replacement of the home at $558,952.  After our involvement the insured was able to obtain a cash settlement of $834,896.75 towards a new home."