91% of all policy holders accept the first offer their insurance company makes. We help the other 9% recover what they are really owed.

We do this by applying a level of insurance expertise and expert resources to your claim that your insurer cannot match.  We make our living by ensuring every part of your claim is prepared expertly and to the highest degree of certainty, so when an insurer attempts to delay or deny your claim, they need to outmatch us on their evidence and opinions.  And because we have worked with the world’s largest insurers, all of which are represented here in Christchurch, we know them and they know us which means we know exactly how the game is played.  

There are three key areas where we assist policy holders:

Claims preparation

Many have found the complexity of running their claim far greater than they ever imagined.  And if you are doing this for the first time, you are learning as you go along.  This is where we come in.  We know exactly where to look when it comes to reviewing your policy and assessing the damage to your property.  We’ve got experts who do this every day, so you don’t have to learn the ropes alone. Read more

Business Interruption

Understanding the complexities of your BI claim can be difficult.  Often what you are covered for is hidden deep within your policy.  It takes more than assessing the loss of revenue to prepare a BI claim, because when it comes to natural disasters, and particularly what has occurred in Christchurch, many business owners have been denied access to their properties for months.  Your insurance company will only give you the answers to the questions you ask, so it pays to know what the right questions are.  We’ve worked on some of the world’s largest claims getting up close and personal with how each business operates so we know coverage can often be buried deep within the policy.  Read more

Claims resolution

After gathering all the relevant information we will present your case to the insurer.  Our team are trained at presenting the information in a way that the insurance company understands, knowing which buttons to push and which to pull at all the right times.  We don’t give in to intimidation, nor do we accept excuses for delays, so by having us sitting beside you, it’s like having insurance for your insurance.   Read more

Insurance delays are literally strangling the rebuild of the city.  Thankfully, natural disasters are what we specialise in, so we know exactly how to get the money flowing and Christchurch back on its feet.