Claims Preparation

There are two key stages in preparing your claim

Reviewing your policy

Your policy is the key to your entitlement, so this is the first place we look.  We carry out a detailed review of your policy to ascertain exactly what you are covered for and whether you are receiving a fair deal.  In many cases, key ambiguities in the wording of your policy provide opportunities for us to increase your payout and negotiate with your insurance company with confidence.  We know how insurance companies think when it comes to managing your claim so we know where there is room to manoeuvre and whether you have a strong case to challenge your offer. That’s because we used to sit on the other side of the fence, so we know the importance of every carefully chosen word. 

Insurance companies employ experts to write their policies, so it stands to reason that you should have experts trained to interpret them.

Inspecting the damage with no hidden agenda:

The sheer size of the challenge facing Christchurch means there simply are not enough specialist assessors or engineers to cope with the workload.  As a consequence, many assessors are working outside their areas of expertise and when that happens, mistakes get made.  Many policy holders have found themselves with reports that severely under estimate the true extent of the damage. Add to this the fact that most insurance assessors are paid by the insurance company, who’s desire is to minimise their exposure, and that’s when things get complicated.   

We are different to any other firm offering similar services, in that we have specialist earthquake engineers on our team permanently, because we do not believe you can accurately assess the quantum of damages unless you have that expert knowledge. Our experts are the ones the local engineers call upon for earthquake advice and we are currently assisting many local firms re-build Christchurch - Right.  So where an insurance assessor may recommend a patch and paint, we can tell if the earthquake has undermined the entire sub-structure of the building and when it comes to repairs, the estimates can be worlds apart. It pays to know where a crack starts and where it ends, because that has a strong bearing on your cost of repairs and your overall claim.  And because we are totally independent, you can be sure when we assess the damages, we have no reason to minimise the estimate.

We also differ from other organisations in that we don’t rely on square meterage assessments or market valuations, but ensure our assessments are an accurate reflection of the true cost of replacement, including external factors that may have been missed. With the rapidly rising cost of labour and materials alone, and the cost of remedial work to land or cartage costs for contaminated soil, estimates need to be completely realistic and restore your building to where it was prior to the earthquake and never leave you out of pocket.

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