Claims Resolution

After we have gathered all the information for your claim, it’s time for us to go into bat for you.

Presenting your case  

Once we have gathered all our evidence, we are ready to enter into negotiations with your insurance company. And this is where it gets interesting.  As with every natural disaster, the stakes are high and when it comes to commercial claims, everyone knows it.   The importance of having our expert policy specialists and insurance lawyers becomes even more apparent when we prepare your case for the insurers. Your case will be presented in specific insurance language that leaves your insurer in no doubt around our expertise and our intentions.  Coupled with this will be our detailed damage reports delivering highly specific reviews of the extent of your damages and the true costs for repair or replacement.  It will always be our aim to negotiate a settlement for you without legal action, because no one needs the stress and the cost of going to court.  We’ll be right beside you throughout the negotiations, being your voice and your guide through what can be a stressful time.  

The last resort.  Taking legal action.

In the event that a satisfactory result cannot be achieved through the negotiation process, we will join forces with a local law firm in Christchurch and together we will commence proceedings to recover the losses incurred. This will involve a series of steps through the court process, culminating in either a mediated result between the parties, or a determination by a Court, and we will be with you throughout the journey, putting your needs first at all times.

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