We are Risk Worldwide, an international disaster insurance recovery firm.

When people take out insurance it is to protect them when things go wrong. It would be fair to assume that if disaster strikes, as long as you have done your bit and paid your premiums your insurance company will keep their end of the bargain. But if that were the case, we wouldn't be in business.

We’ve been in the business of assisting policy holders recover their maximum entitlement from their insurance company for over 30 years.  We began our lives working for the world’s largest insurers then, when we witnessed how policy holders can easily be denied their rights simply through not understanding the complexities of their policy, we decided to shift the balance of power.  Now we work for businesses across Christchurch, helping rebuild the city one insurance claim at a time.

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Quake insurance fight

Katherine talks to TVNZ's Breakfast morning show about Christchurch businesses and their insurance policies.

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The Missing Billions Presentations

RWW  has completed two very successful public presentations of the “Missing Billions.“  It was very pleasing to see the level of interest from Cantabrians with all seats taken on both nights. The presentation gave focus to the recent decisions achieved by RWW in the Court of Appeal in *Marriott v Vero*  CA 776/2013 [2014] NZCA 447 and *QBE v Wild South Holdings Ltd and Maxims Fashion Ltd* CA 776/2013 [2014]. These cases will be key for insureds going forward with both settled and unsettled claims as they contain the typical ”reinstatement of amount” language which features in most commercial and some residential insurance policies . Once having shown those attending the right and wrong way to adjust a multiple earthquake claim, the presentation went on to explain the  steps that can be taken by insureds to review  their signed discharge document  and, where appropriate, seek to have that discharge set aside.  These issues are currently being litigated in the High Court  and affect a large number of Cantabrians who have  settled  claims
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